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LG Fiesta Tracfone TSV

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On Sunday HSN has the new 5.5" LG Fiesta 16 GB Tracfone with 13 mp rear camera and 5mp front facing camera. It comes with 1500 minutes,text, and data. $129.95 and free shipping. It also has the newest OS Nougat 7.0 and is a CDMA with 1.4 quad core and the newest Bluetooth. It has a 1 year service. It has several colors of cases and car charger. It is on the site right now as a Presale.

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I'm used to paying $99.99 for a tracfone and triple minutes for life.



Looks like things changed.


I currently have a Samsung 5.5 and it's just too big or should I say awkward.

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Thanks for the heads up.  I don't need a new phone right now; I'm happy with my LG Premier.  But I'll check this one out and hope it comes down in price in six months or so.

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I wish they'd come out with one more than 16gb unless the newer OS would again allows apps to run off the SD card.

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It's supposed to support a 2TB micro SD card. I was hoping the Q would offer a new TracFone, but it looks like HSN may be getting my money first.

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this one has the most gigs than the $89-99 more apps!  brand new phone....

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on sale for $129, usually $199, 16gb!  new os system 7.0, flash on camera too

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I googled this phone, it is brand new as of March with no reviews found. If you are OK with that, it seems like a nice phone.

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Thanks so much MKR NY for posting this information. I'm all in for a new, bigger phone with a better camera and more storage.


However, I am not seeing that it has triple minutes for life. The Scooby Doo on Howard Forums is that this feature may be being discontinued by Tracfone.


Thoughts anyone?

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Re: LG Fiesta Tracfone TSV

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Just a heads up for anyone interested...we will have a TSV for tracfone towards the end of June. Beth QVC