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@rms1954 wrote:

I do enjoy only a few hosts.  RB is not one of them.  Her presentations are over-animated and her midnight presentation was one of the perfect examples.  She's loud and talks too fast.  She's jumping all over doing yoga poses and down on the floor in various positions kicking her legs in the air and showing me all the seated floor positions she can do with the outfit.  Then up and bouncing all over like a child who ate too much sugar.  I don't care what you look like in the item if you're going to present it like a gymnast.


        I so agree!!  I don't watch any shows that Rachel presents. I only watched because I wanted to see the TSV.

        I really don't understand why she speaks so in the armed services... sounds like commands.  She is also too boisterous...making exaggerated hand motions or irritating sounds. 

       That said, she does look good in all fashions and she has the best vocabulary of all the hosts!!


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Any number of other hosts who got down on the floor, legs wide open as if playing jacks or marbles (plus other simulated acrobatics), just to show the knit of the fabric and style --- let's just say the forum would be in an uproar.


It was over-the-top, immature, and plain ridiculous.  Have we never worn knit bottoms before?  

@Caaareful Shopper hahahaha.  This just made me laugh.  I didn't see the presentation.