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I am 68 and I still don't own one.  This past Christmas as I was making goodies in my Sunbeam mixer, I longed for one.  I don't use a mixer often.  Suggestions??

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My mom spent about $500 several years ago on one of their professional models.  I don't think she uses it much at all, but she likes having it for the times that she needs a mixer.  It would get on my nerves to have that sitting on my countertop all the time because I wouldn't use it much. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on a gadget I'll seldom use, but I understand why some would opt for a Kitchenaid mixer due to the quality.  I selected one of the Kitchenaid hand mixers and it does everything I need it to do and I'm happy with it.

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@imagemd Personally, given my space and my eating habits, a newer, more powerful hand mixer would have worked well for me, but if I were buying a stand mixer again, I'd definitely start with one that comes with a stainless steel bowl because the glass bowl I bought is way too heavy for me to use easily. 


If I used it more often, I'd buy a new bowl, but I no longer eat the way I did when I bought the mixer so I'm hoping to give the mixer to a younger family member and treat myself to an upgrade to my hand mixer.

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@imagemd  I was in your shoes until 2 years ago, when I bought a tilt-head Kitchenaid mixer (red). When we have 20 to 24 people at holiday meals, I have to make two batches of mashed potatoes. My Kitchenaid makes such quick work of it. But, I think any good mixer would work as well but perhaps not look as sexy. I don't have enough counter space to keep it out, so it sits in a box in the laundry room. When I need it, I get it out. And it is HEAVY. I guess I would still be longing for a Kitchenaid if I didn't get it; but, in all honesty I don't use it enough to justify the price. I'm hoping when I retire I will be able to use it more. 

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I have the kitchenaide 6 quart mixer and although I don't use it much, when I do, I love it. I like the 6 quart because I can mix up 2 batches of cookies at once. I never regretted buying it and am pretty sure I will never need to buy another mixer. It is so great at the holidays just being able to through the ingredients in and having the mixer do the hard work. I don't think I could physically hold a mixer for as long as it would take me to make 2 batches of cookies. I would check around for prices as I doubt that I would use the meat grinder but you never know. 

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I bought my Kitchen Aid stand mixer years ago after the motor on my Sunbeam stand mixer burnt out while making a cake with a very stiff batter. I don’t bake as much now as I used to when our metabolisms were working at peak speed, but I love having this work horse available when I do bake. I keep mine in a base cabinet, instead of on the counter, because I have a galley kitchen with limited counter space. 


Kitchen Aid introduced a smaller stand mixer several years ago for occasional bakers. I saw one in a store and wasn’t impressed. It looked small - like it would just barely hold enough batter for a single batch of cookies or a cake. It definitely wouldn’t hold the batter for a double batch of cookies. I’d use a hand mixer instead of the smaller Kitchen Aid stand mixer. 


When you’re considering which model to buy, think about how you’re going to use your mixer. Do you need one with a bunch of bells and whistles or does it make more sense to buy a basic full-size model with an extra bowl? I bought the “scraper” paddle when they first came out, but find that I still need to scrape the bowl anyway. If this paddle’s included with the mixer, fine, but I wouldn’t spend the extra money to buy it separately.


Tuesday Morning has pretty good prices on Kitchen Aid stand mixers. You might also be able to get a good deal at Beds, Baths and Beyond when you use their coupons. Just be sure you’re not getting a reconditioned mixer. I’m sure others will give you good advice, too. A Kitchen Aid stand mixer’s an investment, but well worth it. 

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If I ever decided to purchase a KA mixer it would be not just for the mixing capability but also for the attachments.    


I have my late mom's old Sunbeam stand mixer.

I rarely use it.    It's good for making a pound cake, when you need to cream the butter & sugar but otherwise, I'd rather have a good hand mixer.    


If I made a lot of different doughs, either for breads or cookies, a good stand mixer is almost a necessity.

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I have owned a KA mixer for about 38 years...mine is an almond color.  I would love to have a new fun color, but I don't need a new mixer.


If you only use a mixer occasionally, you don't need a new mixer either.  I can certainly see the temptation though.


I have to admit that lately, I have been using my $10 cheapo portable 20 year old mixer more often than my KA stand mixer. It is looking pretty bad, but still works.


 I purchased two KA hand mixers, a 5 speed first then a 9 speed to replace my aging portable ugly mixer and I hate them both. They have no power at all.  I was extremely disappointed with the KA portables..


I can't help but wonder if the KA quality is still there.



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 I purchased one several years ago, and yes it does a good job, but the problem for me is the thing is so heavy. I usually end up using the hand mixer instead.




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I love my KitchenAId mixer.  I have had it for several years.  I bought the food grinder separately and like having that option.  For example you can grind your own burgers if so inclined.  I also love the grinder when I have leftover beef and turkey roasts.  I grind up the meat and make hash- delicious.  The dough hook attachment is the bomb.  If you don't have the time and energy to do the hand kneading this makes quick work of it.  Even though it is just me and my husband I make two loaves of bread and freeze one.  The wire whisk beater is wonderful for quickly whipping cream and egg whites.   I see that the pour guard is one piece now, that is an improvement over mine (came in 2 pieces and annoying to clip together to fit on the bowl). The mixer is heavy but sometimes it is hard to manuerver and control a hand mixer with cookie dough so that is kind of a draw in my opinion.  I move my mixer to my counter and it is heavy but if I had more space I would just keep it out with a mixer cover.  I consider my KA essential for the holidays but I use it a lot day to day as well. Some day you might like to buy a flex beater- I did last year and it is nice for some things but not essential.


Don't consider yourself "too old" for new purchases unless you truly cannot afford something.  I thought this once, and then I was like really?  Condemned for the rest of my life without ever upgrading to something I could really use?  I realized how silly that was.