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I’m 68 and purchased my Kitchen Aid stand mixer last year. I’ve  always wanted one but never could justify spending the money. 

I bought the smaller sized one and I was a little worried but it did a full batch of cookies no problem and though it’s still heavy it is more manageable than the large one. My days of large batches of cookies are over. My children are grown, my grandchildren are teenagers and now I’m a widow. I can afford it and even though I don’t use it often, it is wonderful when I do. I purchased it in the Aqua (my accent color) and it stays out on my cabinet and looks so pretty.  Bottom line, life is too short. If you can afford it and really want one, no matter what size, pick out your favorite color and enjoy it. Good luck!

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I have the white KA to match my other large appliances and Keurig, etc.  (I love the purple shades though, but when I got mine almost 22 years ago, they didn't have many colors.)   I've been very happy with it.  My only regret is I didn't get one earlier.

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I don't use my Kitchenaid a lot. I use it primarily in the fall months making cakes and cookies for family. I had a hand mixer and it wore me out when I would make things. It's so much easier to make up batches of cookies, or the fruitcakes. I also use the dough hook to make bread. I've had mine for years. I will probably pass it down to my niece at some point. I also have a KA food processor and a KA toaster oven. We love all of them.