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I really like this Kitchenaid hand mixer but forget about it or just easier to use my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer I keep on the counter. For a hand mixer it is fine I just don't like holding a hand mixer as it darts around in the bowl. It usually stays in the drawer.

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I use a KA stand mixer that I have had for about 37 years.  I love it.


Last year, I purchased a KA 5 speed hand mixer from Taget to replace my $10 hand mixer that is about 15 years old and is looking pretty bad.  


I was so disappointed in it.  There was no power.  It was so weak and slow.  I took it out to my RV and I think I used it once.  I am still using my cheap $10 hand mixer.


I still need a new hand mixer, but I am afraid to buy another 5 speed KA mixer. I watched the demo and this one looks weak too,


i might have to wait wait for a more powerful KA hand mix

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I could use another hand mixer with different tools.    I have a couple of very old ones that work fine but with just your normal beaters, I'd like to have different beaters.


I still use my mom's old Sunbeam stand mixer!


I didn't notice how many watts of power are in this Kitchenaid.   I've looked around and found hand mixers with several different beaters AND a "stand" which is the storage case for the beaters for less than this Kitchenaid.    QVC is selling the name & colors only.   No knock on that but I'm not going to pay more just for the name.


Bed Bath and Beyond has this mixer for less than $40, but no extra beaters.


Hamilton Beach offers a 6-speed, 300 watt hand mixer with several different beaters and the "stand" storage case for $29.99.  Found it on the internet, but if it's in the stores, you can get it with a discount coupon for even less.


This KA mixer is no deal, but if you love the brand and want a specific color, here's your chance.

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If doing something liquidy like whipping cream, salad dressing it is fine. I have even done brownie/muffin mixes but I wouldn't do cookie dough or anything stiff like that. I just don't like all the vibration on my hand/arm that comes with a hand mixer. I also use it if mixing small amounts of something instead of my large KA stand mixer. A lot of times I just use my smaller food processor. Who knew that KA made a lot of different model numbers of hand mixers so check around before comparing. 

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I wish I knew that there was going to be a Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer as a TSV. A few months ago I bought a Hamilton Beach hand mixer at Costco. I have not used it yet so don't know how good it will be. But I would rather have a Kitchen Aid - just because of the name.


I could kick myself - when my Mom died I took as much stuff as I could handle out of her house. And had a guy get rid of the rest of "the stuff". I now wish I had taken her Sunbeam stand mixer. It was a real workhorse. Much better than my Oster. 


That's my life  - wouldda, couldda, shouldda.

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To Drizzella:  You may return the mixer at Costco even without a receipt.  I've had things for several months and returned them, even if I used them & didn't like it.  My husband purchased a long sleeve Kirkland shirt and a few years later the armhole ripped out.  Had no receipt but they looked it up and we got a refund.  Their return policy is excellent.  Our former daughter-in-law returned a mattress we purchased online for her and our son because of an issue with it and they came to the house and picked it up.  No shipping charges. 

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I have a 5 speed KA hand mixer that I got 2 years ago for x-mas.  I love it.  I'm not a heavy baker so everything I've used it for, including cookie dough, has been fine.  If I were baking x-mas cookies or a lot of desserts for something or other, I wouldn't use this.


I don't own a stand mixer and have never wanted one or felt I needed one and I still don't. This hand mixer is just fine for what I use it for. 

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I've never owned a stand mixer.  For years I used a cheap little GE hand mixer I got as a wedding present over 50 years ago.  I used to make a lot of double batches of cookies.  It plowed right through the dough with no problem.  I finally got a KA mostly because I love the crystal blue color and it does fine too.

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I guess it depends on how much power you want.  Looking at this model on other sites I have learned that the motor is 0.6 amps, 120 volts which converts to 72 watts of power.  I have a 9 speed kitchen aid hand mixer that I got from the Q which says 0.9 amps, 120 volts which equals 108 watts.   Hard to say if anyone will notice the difference.  I like mine though I don't use it that much.

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You almost need a stand mixer if you do cakes & cookies.

It's such a great tool in the kitchen.


And you don't have to buy a Kitchenaid to get a good one.

People rave about the one Paula Deen sells.

It's a mixing bowl on top of a base, more like a blender base.

Plus you get all the attachments as well as a blender jar



A good stand mixer lasts forever.

You can get a new Sunbeam or new Hamilton Beach stand mixer for $100 or less.