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I'm pretty new to Kipling and recently bought a few in the Alvar style (the larger of the 2 Alvars) to take on vacation.  I bought one from Macy's online in a really cute print.  On sale and also used a coupon.  I'm back from our trip and the purse worked great.


I bought another from ebay and....oops, a 3rd directly from Kipling.  All in the same style.


To me, they're more like LeSac type handbags.  I don't own any Lugs, but they seem thicker and heavier to me (from what I've seen).


I was hoping the first Kipling would be one of the cute styles in cute colors and prints, but this TSV doesn't do it for me.


Oh.... and the monkey?  I took it off my Kiplings immediately and threw it away.  Apparently people collect them.  I had no idea, but I didn't want a monkey hanging from my purse.

Kipling is having a 25% off sale on their website. They are offering free shipping. When I saw them in Macy's I thought they looked like items for school children. They were on sale for 20% off plus if you have a Macy's card you received another discount. So I find this TSV as no bargain.

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I love Kipling bags, but honestly Amazon has better deals. I've found them as low as thirsty there. Even the Kipling website has some good clearance deals. I have various colors & monkeys, some metal and one robot.( I don't add other purse charms.) I love that they are lightweight and machine washable, too.

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For those

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I went to Macy's today and they were having a sale on the Kipling bags. They were 20% off. If you used your Macy's card you would have received an additional % off. This is no deal.  I was surprised about this line. I thought it was handbags but I was wrong.


@elated- Kipling IS handbags and backpacks and totes. The TSV is a handbag. 

I  don't think this TSV is a handbag. It looks like a lug bag. The material was not impressive. I still think the pricing is out of line for this product.

The purse is a $1 and that cute adorable monkey hanging on the bag is well worth $69.   

The Kipling monkey keychains are available at Amazon and start at $10.

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Not for me but variety is good for the everyone

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