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Big pass for me.  They look too tight on almost everyone and the side pockets stick out.

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I agree with you that you look tight.  I bought the TSV last year that were similar and they were tight in my normal size.  I was thinking if I bought them I'd size up.  They looked good on Kim's sister last night.  I may pass on them.  

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No thanks, way too short for me

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Agree.  OK for the beach and one's own backyard, but not a good look for most adult women and certainly not appropriate for most public places.

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They seem to run small.

On the Click Here garment measurements I would need a size 22.  I'm usually a 1X and a size 20 fits me in every kind of pant from any manufacturer.  I don't feel flattered taking an even bigger size.


The wide waistband is probably good for more wearing comfort, but I think it would look bulky on me (too much belly!).  I like to tuck my shirt in so this wide waist band would be a No.


I don't think they are worth the money for me to buy..


On the positive side, they have a nice 8" inseam for looking good anywhere --not too sporty, not too long (JMO). They are a nice fabric, with enough cotton to be comfortable. There are pockets front and back, which appeals to me, and they come in a nice choice of colors. 


Still a nope for me 

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Inseam is way too long for me. I didn't even look further into them since I need a 4-5" inseam. However, I do think they look nice, from what I could tell.



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If I wore shorts I would get them.  They are a good length and made the same as her jeans which are the best.

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As of this morning they had sold over 30,000.  I liked them.  

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind

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I don't wear shorts. Those days are gone! 😂