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Re: Kim Gravel show foundation shades

Why oh why did she put sparkle in the eye shadow pencil? The color is very pretty but I cannot, and won't, wear anything with sparkle even if faint flecks. It looks terrible on older eyes. (over 60).


The foundation is nice, love the brush. Lipstick is pretty, but jury still out on how long it lasts because I put it on and then ate lunch so that was not a fair trial.


I don't wear mascara, so I don't need that.


I really only want the foundation. Coverage is nice. I went for the light and for one try it didn't seem too yellow. But do I want to pay $50.00ish for just one piece of a kit?


I might wait for the foundation to come on as a single purchase. Even though the lipstick is pretty, I have so many lipsticks I wouldn't be lost without it.


WHY sparkle Kim? Sparkle looks great on 25 year olds. Not the Q demographic, which is not a greater percentage of buyers. I would bet most are over 40.

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Re: Kim Gravel show foundation shades

I don't notice sparkle in the shadow pencils.  I think they have a beautiful shimmer to them rather than being a flat matter, which I don't like but I wouldn't describe them as having sparkle.


I love the shadow pencils.  They really make my green eyes pop.  I love the entire kit.