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I have the identical machine to this one, and while I wish I could get a new color, I can't bring myself to spend an additional $100 just to switch colors.  I really like this particular machine, it's been better than my previous Keurigs and has lasted longer, and the extra water going into the pod really does seem to make better coffee.  I doubt they are trying to get rid of this model, it's the low end model of the new multistream technology and probably going to be popular for some time to come.  The higher-end models offer temperature choices and the top end is a "smart" machine that can connect itself to your smart phone, so you can use the phone to tell your machine to brew you a cup of coffee that will be waiting for you when you walk in the door.  Since I don't have a phone like that anyway, that feature is not something I'd pay extra for, but some might want it.  But for the average kitchen consumer, this model is probably just fine.  The things I like about it are the water resevoir I can take to the sink that has a good handle on it, and the multistream technology, plus the brew over ice feature is very handy in the summer.  Good luck in your decision, @PA Mom-mom , I hope the color you want isn't sold out yet.

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Liked it at first    but it broke after 3 months.  Put the k-cup in and pressed the button and nothing.   I had purchased the warranty so I called,  they told me since it had only been 3 months I should call Keurig since its supposed to last at least a year.  Called them and they told me to throw it away and they would send me another within 7-10 days. They said to be advised that they are only sending a new coffee pot, so I will not throw it away in case I need anything from it.   I will never buy a Keurig again.  

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I've tried Keurigs more than once. (And a similar brand) They always started to leak out the bottom after a couple of months. Never again will I waste money on this type of coffee maker or the stupidly expensive coffee pods or "cups". Bought a Hamilton Beach twelve cup automatic drip coffee maker last year. Love it. And I'm able to buy less expensive ground coffee. 

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I considered this, although my current Keurig is doing fine, and after seeing reviews and the number of them that last weeks or just months, I decided not to.

I'll going to use the one I have and when that dies, I'll probably buy a regular coffee maker and go back to regular ground coffee/filters.  

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After reading this thread and reading some of the reviews I cancelled my order. It seems a lot of work to keep clean and so many having quality issues. I thought it would be fun to try but I'll stick with my mini Mr. Coffee drip pot that I've had for well over 10 yrs.

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Re: Keurig K-Supreme TSV

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I have the Keurig K-Mini Plus and it's a terrible machine.  I rec'd it as a Christmas present.  Within 2 months it stopped working properly and I only use it on the weekends so it's not like it gets a lot of use.  When it is working, it makes a big puffing noise and shoots out a spurt of coffee.  Stops.  Makes puffing noise.  Spurts out coffee.  And on and on it goes.  It is noisy and takes a long time for one cup of coffee.


I was going to just deal with it but now it completely stops several times throughout the coffee making cycle.  Sometimes I have to lift the handle again to get it to restart brewing.  I dug my info. out to call Keurig about this.


The reviews on these minis aren't great no matter where you buy them from.  

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I was thinking of buying , however from some reviews, I'd rather deal with a local store in case I recieve a machine that has a glitch . I have an old Keurig that still works fine after 5 years , so will jsut stich with old technology.  I don't have faith in QVC TSV's after I bought 2 Jump Starts a couple of years ago then had to deal directly with the comapny since QVC said they would not replace  the defective item.

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I wish that they would have the Keurig k-supreme plus on TSV. It has actual water temperatures, a 4oz. option.
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I ordered mine last October as the TSV. I really liked it for three months, when it stopped working. I only ever made about two cups per day, so it was certainly not overused.  

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My TSV did not arrive in the beautiful gift box as was stated by hosts during presentation and shown on air  Mine is in a plain cardboard box.