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I would have your Mother shop elsewhere; the shipping charge is crazy!


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Same Kuerig was shown on HSN @ $129.00 with FREE SHIPPING ---TSV.

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Not much of a choice in colors.

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She ended up ordering one from Fingerhut and told me S/H was free. From what I remember decades ago though, their prices are pretty up there also. Thanks for the info. 😊 

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Loved my original Keurig and it lasted a long time; but I decided to upgrade to this model! Have had nothing but issues with it! Don't know how many times I've had to call Keurig support to keep it running. Pretty much all plastic! I'm hoping Keurig comes up with a better model!

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@pinkmochi wrote:

Shipping is over $15!! 

shipping is now $10  interesting



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I thought about getting it until I saw the s/h at a reduced 9.97.  I still believe that TSV's should have s/h included.  Ebates is only 1 percent.  Both are a deal breaker for me.

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I was thinking of replacing mine until I saw the shipping.  Granted you do get alot with this offer but I'm not going to pay $10 for shipping.

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This is not the cheapest deal.  I got mine two months ago at Costco for $89.00.  The exact same one.  No outrageous S/H to deal with!

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The same machine at BBB, would cost almost the same as what it would be at QVC.


BBB - $169.99 x 20% = $33.99 = $135.99 x tax( mine is 8%) = $10.88 = $146.87


QVC - $129.95 +$9.97 = $139.96 x tax = $11.19 = $151.11

Plus you are getting a ton of stuff with the TSV. BBB you only get 6 kcups.


So you are saving $4.00!