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Anyone know what the TSV will be for this day?  I am in the market for a new machine for work.  thanks!

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I hope it is their newest coffeemaker. Right now it is showing sold out on QVC dot com......

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I hope someone can offer info soon. My mother is in the market for a new one, also. ☺ 

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You can find it now by doing a search for Keurig and it will pop up.

Hope this helps.

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K48950 Keurig K Elite $129.95

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Shipping is over $15!! 

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was interested in it till i saw the shipping that is ridiculous for sure!! No way, will go to BBB with my 20% off coupon!!

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Thanks.  Way too expensive for a work coffee maker.

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HSN has a Keurig TS scheduled for March 18th.


No details yet, but I have noticed recently that HSN gets older model leftovers dumped on them from QVC as the TS there.

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s/h a real deal breaker
Come on Q! With the number of faulty Keurigs offered today and the high rate of returns, that amount of shipping on a TSV is absurd considering you guys pocket the initial s/h and make a killing on return costs. Wow!!!