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And she is beautiful ....

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Every designer has a design team and it is not a negative.  A creative person can have a vision, sketch it out, choose fabric and pass it along to be executed if possible.  I'm sure Kim has wonderful people around her that she trusts.  That's the sign of a successful leader.  She sure knows her stuff when presenting and also what women want IMO.  I used to watch her show when she was preparing, coaching and dressing  beauty pageant contestants  and she is  the same now as she was on that show.  Love Kim

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She's so fun and enjoyable to watch even if I don't purchase anything. She has so much talent in her designs. She's very authentic, kind and sweet the best QVC clothes designer they've ever had.

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I love Kim's clothes.  Just wish there were more quantity of her clothes in stock.  Many things sell out before I have a chance to buy them.  I guess that's a good thing for my budget. 

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I was just telling my husband last night her line gets better & better every year.  In the beginning I bought a few of her items that have now been donated, but her newer stuff has made me really love her line. I look at her stuff before I look at anyone else's now.  Her slub knit is the best, the coolest for my year-round hot weather & menopause...LOL!

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Love her 100%, also I love her designs and clothing line. I only have a couple pieces and they are fabulous. I believe she is the best fashion line on the Q

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Kim has stated many times she designs and sews.  Thats her thing.  If Im not mistaken I believe she designed and made her clothes, including the bathing suit when she competed for Miss Georgia.


I think she has a lot of influence in her designs.  A person does not have to be a "diploma'd designer" to design clothes.  I have known several non designers over the years that would design their own clothes and then sew it.


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I enjoy watching her and like her fashions, I also enjoyed Martha Stewart's clothing line.