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Josie Maran tsv

Does anyone know what the next tsv is?
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Re: Josie Maran tsv

January 29
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Re: Josie Maran tsv

@Cow Patty P Josie did an Instagram live yesterday and she said her TSV on January 29th would be the Face Milk, the new Body Milk, Face Butter and Body Butter, on scent choices of Unscented or Apricot Vanilla Smiley Happy 

I personally can’t wait! So happy for a TSV without the oil in it! And I’ve been wanting to try the new body milk, so glad I can try it in a kit of things I already need! 

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Re: Josie Maran tsv



Wonderful news! Thank you. 

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Re: Josie Maran tsv

That's a nice set but I'm out.


I did not care for her face butter at all.  I love her body butter but the face butter left my skin feeling dry, which makes no sense at all.  


I have no experience with her face milk or body milk but I just ordered some JM products from this past weekend visit so I'm good.