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I ordered the Vanilla Bean during the first hour it was on. I just checked the status on it and it was on backorder Smiley Sad. So frustrating. I just cancelled my order. Really didn't need that large of container. I just love the Vanilla Bean scent. Oh well, money saved. Smiley Happy



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received my vanilla bean creme yesterday. Wow so moisturizing! More so than my other lotions (drugstore brands). The difference is apparent in the initial application as well as the next day- skin still smooth and looks hydrated. Which is saying a lot for my creepy old body 😆 

the scent is subtle and so pleasing 

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I got the Peaches/Pears one and it is delightful. Fresh peach scent, it's perfect. I guess I got a good batch, because I have zero complaints, and am so glad i got it on autoship. Gorgeous Summer scent.

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Same thing happened to me. Ordered the Vanilla Raspberry and the Citrus in the first hour and then yesterday received an email of the back order. Really frustrated as the Vanilla Raspberry was a gift.
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i also received an email stating backorder. Very disappointed. I decided to cancel.  Wonder how this sort of thing happens.

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I bought her TSV in the pears and peaches body butter. It seems good but scent doesn't last. Also, after a couple uses of the pump it has now stopped working..You got alot of product but it wasn't worth the price. Very disappointed. I remember when her scents lasted.


I will stick with Korres and Nakery. Their body wash and scents last. Some of Philosophy scents last.