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OK, I was just watching Jim Shore with Mary Beth.  They had the TSV on from last week.  The Santa or Angel with the auto-delivery.  I bought it when it was the TSV, so of course the price is higher today.  So this is my gripe.  I saved a whole $3.64.  WOW  what a savings!!!!!!!!!!  QVC if you're going to have a TSV to save people money and give us a great deal then GIVE US A GOOD DEAL.  I know this happens a lot but I just finally had to bring it up.

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Rarely are the TSV's all that special any more.  Sadly.

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I bought the angel last year and returned it. The only reason I bought the santa last weekend was to get the other two on auto-deliverie. But to your point I totally agree with you. I'm to the point when I see something that isn't new I check in asis. For instance Mr. Christmas vintage trees with lights. Even with shipping they were cheaper than their sale price.

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Sadly, the TSV's are no longer a big deal. Remember when most TSV's would become SELL-OUTS by mid-afternoon? Sometimes earlier in the day? Those items were amazing products and great pricing. I don't remember the last time a TSV sold out. There is nothing exciting about QVC's daily special any more and certainly not the pricing. I'm sorry for Jim Shore. He's trying to sell his products, but seems to have his hands tied as long as he is working with the Q.

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