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Okay - these are on A LOT here. Apparently folks out there are ordering, eating, liking. 


Talk to me and others who've not tried these and tell me why I should try them. Thanks

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I'm also curious about them. Is the price good?

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Sorry to say, But No , Not a good price.  Costco has them fo about $20 and they're very good.

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I usually buy a box of 'Tiger Thai Tempura Shrimp' at my grocery store to keep in the freezer, they come in a box of (8) or (20), I like them.

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I would not consider purchasing these until they list the source of the shrimp.

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I would not order any food (not canned or packaged) to be delivered during the summer months.  Too risky with deliveries being so undependable these days.

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Another vote for the Costco Tempura shrimp.  delicious and so quick in the air fryer.  They have them on sale quite often.

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You pay a lot for the breading. 

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QVC formerly featured Anderson Shrimp, but the reviews were lukewarm, too much breading and hardly any shrimp. This must me the new replacement. I also agree, with the posters who wouldn't order seafood for delivery in the hot, humid, summer months. Actually, don't think I'd order it any time of the year.


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Q does not divulge where these are caught, just that they are farm raised, I would not buy until I knew all the info,