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SeaPak is the brand of frozen tempura shrimp in our local stores, they're very good and price is a fraction of the TSV.


I believe the shrimp mentioned for sale at Costco is also SeaPak.

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@SilleeMee wrote:

You pay a lot for the breading. 

Exactly what my DH said,. no thanks

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What I found offputting was that the shrimp are not deveined before being breaded and cooked.  I was watching the re-run presentation at 6:00 this morning done by Alberti and Brittany Rastelli.  At one point, she cut through one of the original variety shrimp longways and you could see the sand vein in the shrimp.  It appeared she even tried to hide one piece of the shrimp behind another when she must have realized you could see it so prominently.  At that price, I really wouldn't be expecting to find that in my shrimp.  Easy pass for me!

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I've tried other brands, but the best for me is the Shrimp Tempura from Costco -- good size and absolutely delicious from the air fryer.

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Mary Beth is a good salesman. But, no thanks at that price.

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I don't see any posts thus far stating they've tasted these specific shrimp (apologies if I missed a post).


So I'll offer my review.  I found these to be very tasteless and the mouth-feel is on the mushy side.  I'm someone who absolutely loves shrimp, so I was willing to try these.  No matter how long I had them in the air fryer, they still came out with a somewhat mushy feel inside.  


They are also a blank slate, so the only seasoning you'll taste is whatever dipping sauce you like to use.  They are tasteless otherwise.


I agree with someone who mentioned SeaPak.  I love SeaPak's Tempura Shrimp over these any day.

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Sodium in one piece is over 800mg.  Deal breaker for me no matter how good they might taste.

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@22eyesblue wrote:

Sodium in one piece is over 800mg.  Deal breaker for me no matter how good they might taste.



The breading has all of that sodium. I'd rather buy plain shrimp and grill it. Breading just adds calories plus all the other stuff I don't care to eat. 

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I agree with the source of the shrimp, we are very fussy about where the shrimp is raised and/or caught.  A good friend of mine's hubby is a shrimper and taught me that years ago-I've never forgotten it. Shrimp scavenge....and they are what they eat.

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