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I ordered the JAI tsv earrings in the blue topaz and there is no info on shipping.  Customer service said it was an advance order, but I never heard that on the presentation.  I ordered before they were presented, but now they aren’t shipping until the end of the month.  Did I miss that they were andvance order?  Anyone else get theirs yet?

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Re: Jai TSV not shipped yet

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@Seashell Girl  I ordered the ring before it was presented on air and it doesn't ship til 3/27

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This seems to have become the new norm.  Many items are on advanced order and yes I think it's not shown through the entire presentations of the item.  At this point, you really cannot be in a hurry to receive anything.  This has happened to many of us, including me.  Ironically though I have had items sitting in the processing order stage for days and it finally ships and I have it in two days!   Go figure.

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@Seashell Girl  Same with me. I ordered 2 earrings and matching rings. Cancelled 2 so far and about to cancel the rest. Nothing was said about advance orders, I ordered the night of the first presentation. No communication from QVC about a delay. Not good customer service in my opinion. 

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I ordered the ring when I received the advanced email. No mention at all about advance order, watched all day. On my order status page there's not even "processing" info. Also, no estimated delivery date in the order body. Just the surprise adbvanced order statement.



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Thank you for confirming!  I watched the live presentation and I didn’t hear advanced order!  I see it says in the description...far down advanced order...small print.  On my order status it doesn’t say anything!   Haaa not even “in process”

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Glad to hear I am not alone.  I ordered the clear topaz earrings early in the show and have seen no sign of movement on my order.  Maybe they are off mining our stones right now.  Does not encourage me to shop here or is it just Jai?  Any thoughts?