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I was trying to watch the TSV Tignanelo show about an hour ago. Jacque is usually a good host, good personality. Today it upset me that I was trying to decide which handbag to purchase and all Jacque could talk about was having her phone so she could purchase for herself...........really!!!! Lisa use to do this but I noticed she hasn't recently and thats good so they can focus on selling to us not them. I think she was very un professional trying to purchase for herself, thats not her job. It's especially RUDE when she braggs about it stating the models need a phone so they can do the same. The items were selling out and I was waiting to see inside the bag but she was to busy helping herself. I thought it was policy that the hosts had to wait until the customers purchased before they bought themselves. Please have some class and wait till the show is over to purchase and leave that darn phone in your locker. I am not allowed to use my phone during work hours why is she. I got frustrated and just changed the channel, I decided I don't want to order anything from her. She made sure she got hers before they sold out. Not Good QVC it makes you look bad to the customers at least me and I am sure I am not alone.