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Re: J Jason Wu TSV 6/4

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I loathe midi dresses so I was already ready for it.  Don't like the style at all.  Someone mentioned a Denim & Co dress, and I agree.  Colors are nice but that's it.  The more I see Jason Wu, the less I like his stuff.  Yes, I thought it looked dated. I didn't even like his upscale then QVC line.  Disappointed QVC offered him a contract for clothes. I have a thin, rectangle shape body that is proportioned.  So there aren't too many clothes I can't wear.  But I am 5'4" which i consider very short.  And midi dresses on me that are not petitie is a big  no.

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It's a beautiful thing @Susan Louise 

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Watching the presentation with Leah and Jason Wu, it’s a very pretty dress and looks nice on Leah and all the models. But for me I would need to wear a sweater or shrug which would make it warm in the summer. 

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I remember this being in style in my younger days when I was a lot thinner and I would've snapped it up back then. I remember having a few of them for summertime.  Since all my cakes, cookies, candies, etc., have decided to settle at my waist and below, I can only imagine what it would look like on me now. It sure looks great on Leah...but I'm not Leah Smiley Very Happy I've never bought any of this clothing line so not sure of the quality but I think it's a good price and I really like to see something fitted around the waist for a change...even if I no longer have one!

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I ordered it in the black but really want the royal blue but it's sold out in my size.  I have a dress similiar in the my closet but it's longer and still has the tags on it.  I bought that dress from Nordstrom so even though it was a year ago, I suspect they would return it for me.  On worst case, maybe they give me store credit, which I would be fine with as I shop there enough.

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@Teddixat wrote:

@LipstickDiva    I don't see any print in this dress.   I doubt you'll find anything like this at Walmart for$10 or any price.   I have several of his items and the quality of the fabric is there.  All rayon span is not created equal. There are various weights of rayon span.  Perhaps you are referring to a different dress.  Shawn is not in any video of this dress

@Teddixat , I am talking about the Cuddl Duds dress that was being talked about by some posters as a possible alternate to this Jason Wu dress.


I most certainly did buy a very similar tiered dress at Walmart for $10.00 a few years back.  The material was not rayon span though.  I believe it was cotton/spandex.  For what I wanted it for, which was over my bathing suit, it was fine.     

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Even if I had any thoughts about buying this dress, the fact that it doesn't even ship until June 19th is a deal breaker. If they extend out that date further, by the time it arrives summer will be 3/4 over.  LOL 

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It must be challenging to come up with a design for a TSV. Ideally it should appeal to a wide range of ages and sizes.

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This dress would be adorable on a young child.