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For those who haven't purchased JJW yet, want to repeat I have the striped sweater in sage green (thanks again to Katrina, lol) and absolutely love it. The fabric is very cool and summer light and Barefoot Dreams quality. The stripes are also done in a flattering way with the colorblocked top. I recommend it highly if you prefer separates and want to try his line.


I hope the same quality will carry over to the TSV dress. I just wish the dress was in the same muted sage and coral colors as the sweater, the sage is sooooo pretty and almost like a gray/silver tone in some lights. 

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3/4 over, don't think so

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I've seen this style of dress in literally every store. 

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not by j jason Wu........................and so what.   

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My only concern is that the back does seem low cut. 

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Won't work for me so pass.  For those who it will flatter enjoy.



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This Advanced Order thing is getting ridiculous, I was just saying that, the season will be over for the item you are purchasing
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Re: J Jason Wu TSV 6/4

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It is 6/26 and my order still says processing so item can't be cancelled.  I am so sick of waiting and I'll be on vacation by the time this dress comes.  So disappointed in their shipping.  What's up QVC?


Update:  It is July 2nd and it had the availibility to cancel on the order now so I did.  Just ridiculous that is hasn't shipped as of 7/2/21 and ordered on day of TSV.  I wanted to wear it on vacation.  Very disappointed in QVC.  Don't sell something that you can't fulfill an order for.