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Well it is rayon and goes up to 5x.........

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This was supposed to be the TSV on May 24, so I'm not sure if there were producti on delays, or they just wanted to switch it with Barefoot Dreams.

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The colors are pretty but I’m kind of surprised the Q would have another sleeveless tiered dress TSV similar to the Denim & Co. TSV not that long ago. 

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Nothing "special" about this, IMO.  Does't seem like a "designer" item to me.



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@Susan Louise I agree on the recent CD dress, I have it in the navy and berry and get so many compliments. It’s so comfortable! I wore one to my daughter’s graduation with a Laurie Felt denim jacket from last year Smiley Happy
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Hmmmm I was looking forward to this TSV but midi dresses are always a pass for me. The colors aren’t my tastes either. His muted sages and corals in the spring line are so pretty. To be fair a TSV has to play to a very wide audience and that dress does look easy to wear and comfortable.

I still like the JJW line and have on the new nautical striped sweater in sage green today - it’s so good and the fabric feels very high end.
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@kaydee50 wrote:

Nothing "special" about this, IMO.  Does't seem like a "designer" item to me.




@kaydee50  I concur.

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It took a talented designer to design this?  You can find almost identical design about anywhere.  Nothing special.

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I thought the pink looked pretty in the still photos but the shade of pink in the host's styling video looks completely different to me.  I also wish one of the videos would've shown the top of the dress without it being covered up by a sweater.

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@qshopper2007 I completely agree! I really hope the pink is the shade shown in the photos and not what was shown on video. I think the square neckline is the best part of the dress. It makes the dress a bit more modern, yet still comfortable. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the sweaters in the video. I would have preferred a closer view of the neckline.