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Look at Oprah..CEO of weight watchers and all the food products she has come out with have not helped her....with out the motivation nothing will work. 

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@Group 5 minus 1 wrote:

That there are companies that make A LOT OF MONEY w/diet plans. 

I don’t find it sad. We all have free reign in how to spend our money.  Maybe there are some people who benefit from the diet plans. 


They’re not for me, but I have seen lots of criticism on these boards about other things I do choose to spend my money on. Don’t know why this is anyone else’s doesn’t cost you anything. 

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Re: It is rather sad

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I think these 'diet plans' with nutrisystem and all alike are nothing but money makers.


All it takes is a re-do of one's diet by means of a grocery store shopping trip ie shop the outer aisles and stay away from those in the middle. Those middle aisles contain everything or 95% of processed fattening bad for us foods.


All it takes are fruits, vegetables, no gluten or extremely little breads, pastas. Leave these out and your pounds will drop off in no time you'd be amazed. I get that there are few who may have extraneous issues in diet but 90% of us can easily drop the weight by SIMPLY eating BETTER.


And STOP eating fast foods, none of that stuff is good for anybody. Just take a few minutes to read the calorie counts in this stuff.

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I saw some of the Nutrisystem meals on a shelf at WM last year...the nutritional info wasn’t impressive...lots of sodium and other preservatives....seems no different than Lean Cuisine, etc...but at a much higher price. Several coworkers went on NS and tried to eat the meals at lunch...they usually ate a few bites then threw it away. That has to be very discouraging.