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Re: Issac’s Upcoming Cardigan TSV

These sweaters are from a few years back. What about updated styles.

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Re: Issac’s Upcoming Cardigan TSV

@busygirl wrote:

I never have purchased anything of Issac's in the clothing line but I like the blue one.  I just purchased a plain navy blue sleeveless top and this will go perfect with that.  Office is cold so need sleeves at least 3/4 or longer.   I like the 3/4 for summer and then jewelry.


Little more than I normally spend and usually do sales at B&M but I think I am going to give this one a whirl.  Something about the bold blue that I am liking.  


How is the fit usually?

I just got it and its very nice!  I use these when I need to dress up a bit(I'm a teacher) but I still want to be comfortable and casual-a nice clean, new and pretty 3/4 sleeve does the trick!