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How does this top run?  It looks like it was washed and it shrank.  I have had good luck with other pima tops but this one not so sure if I would take a chance. 

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@bargainsgirl   The most accurate way of determining the size is to check the actual garment measurements at the end of the garment description.  They seem to indicate this top runs small plus, since its 100% cotton, there's always a chance of shrinkage, especially if machine drie

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Re: Isaac top tsp

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From my experience with Isaac, anything 100% cotton has both faded and shrunk. I do like many of his prints, I enjoy wearing both color and prints in my tops and sweaters so many of his designs work for me. However, I do find they fade after just one washing and again, they shrink. I usually wear an xxs or xs but I have to get the Small's with his line if it's all cotton. 

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Tunics are getting old so tops are getting shorter again. 

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The 3/4 length top is dated

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Not sure what length this top is other than bad. Not flattering at all.