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Re: Isaac's Tee Shirts TSV 1/21

I have Isaacs pima cotton long sleeve tees and love the feel of his pima cotton. I normally buy my tops in Petite because I have short arms.  I tried his and yes, the arm lengh and overall length did shrink a little but for me it was not a problem.

I would have preferred the tsv to be for one top; couldn't find a color combination I loved to spend $49.  plus shipping.  Also, I could not get interested as it was single digits here yesterday. I prefer to wait until I need something to buy it and take my chances on color and size.  There are many places to buy pima cotton shirts, but I will say Isaacs pima is very nice, soft smooth and not thin.

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Re: Isaac's Tee Shirts TSV 1/21

kachina - love this idea.  What say you about quality of Issac lately?

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Re: Isaac's Tee Shirts TSV 1/21

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Reviews say it all. Glad passed on TSV. IM no longer uses the pima cotton from years ago. Thankfully! Mine still look brand new and cherish each one. 

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Re: Isaac's Tee Shirts TSV 1/21

@on the bay wrote:

@Topaz Gem-

I don't either!

I always feel like I want to pull the arms  down.

And especially if it's cold!


Why would you wear a shorter sleeve shirt when its cold????

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Re: Isaac's Tee Shirts TSV 1/21

I'm not sure what is wrong with the reviews?  There are over 200 reviews with an average of 3.6 stars.  I'd say that's pretty good.


In reading the negative reviews, some are complaining the sizing is off (some say it ran big, others say it ran small), some are complaining the shirts feel like polyester, some are complaining they are too thin.


I'd hope these t-shirts are slightly thinner then some of the other heavier weight ones I've received.  I'd prefer slightly thinner for the summer months.  Some of his are pretty thick and people complain about the thickness.  

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Re: Isaac's Tee Shirts TSV 1/21

Tee shirts have gotten so expensive it’s ridiculous.  Then add s&h.  I am happy buying my tees elsewhere.