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I saw the moto jacket and really like it. My son is a 27,mother 92 and I am 70, This jacket comes in many colors---heather gray, black raspberry, black,olive, cream and catalina blue. You might want to take a look.

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Did it have an item number
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I'm afraid the lapels are too big for me. I don't need anything making my bustling look even larger than it is. Looks nice other than that. 

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$59.94 per email received.


Isaac Mizrahi Live! Mixed Quilted Knit Motorcycle Jacket


It's a NO for me.

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I love Isaac but I think I will pass on this.  It looks like a structured sweatshirt!  The texture also seems like it will add bulk, which is not what I want!  

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There is no petite, so the sleeves will be waaaay too long for me. I won't be buying it.

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It's a quilted jacket. Kinda cute, but with the quilting and the short length, it would not be very flattering on me, so I pass. (I'm a large.)

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I have 3 of isaac's knit jackets.  i am 60, a size 14, and love fashion.

They are so well made, flattering and well cut.  some may find them a bit roomy, but i am busty and they are great.  i do not need another but ii doubt i an resist.  for me the ivory over a t-shirt dress, or over a tunic, would be great, September to March. I wear them as "blars" in the winter here up orth and as warm cardigan  spring and fall.  i would rather pay $40, but there is nothing similar in the market, and thee are wonderful.

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I like the idea of a knit jacket like this, but I am not a fan of asymmetry, and it looks a bit short for me. I am passing. 

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I like the Heather Grey.  Could be a bit work related, rather than/as well as casual.  I'd wear it to work with a nice skirt.  Oh, wait........I like the off-white, too, being it's washable.

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