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They do shrink in length if put in the dryer.  I am short so I dried on purpose and they shrunk at least an inch!

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On me hi-lo hems give the illusion of having a droopy butt. The longer hem in the back brings the eye down and I don't want that!

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I really like Isaac's pima cotton but how about more jewel tones?

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I like IM's pima cotton t-shirts, but I don't like the neckline on this one, or the hi/low. His shirts wear well, but they do shrink a bit. I don't buy t's to not throw them in the dryer - I'll do that for a special sweater or pair of pants, but not a t-shirt! The other issue for me is that I'm in the midwest and we'll be approaching our coldest couple of months in the year, so a t-shirt with that neckline is not a good buy for me until spring!

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@banned again I ordered 2 pima cotton shirts from Lands End that are all the same length around the hips for $11.99 each.  I have worn them and they have been washed and are lovely.  I will pass on Isaac's, but enjoy.  I also dislike scoop neck in the winter.

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Just got a new Lands End catalog this morning. On the back page of the catalog they are showing a "relaxed supima long sleeved crew neck tee.

nice colors..reg/petite normally 27.95 for 9.99

tall/plus normally 32.95 for 11.49


Sounds like a winner to me!

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Too form fitting. Maybe if I had a flat stomach like the model.  I love a high/low hem.

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I got 2 tops and they are huge! I hope they do shrink! 

I hate to send them back but seriously they seem to be marked wrong.

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Re: Isaac TSV 12/28

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I agree, the offerings lately (last 1-2 years) are boring. Where are the shoes, boots, 24/7 pants, the nice leather handbags??? I'm bored watching his stuff . . . . .. why does he call a tshirt a tunic? It's tunic length. Different words same product. How many tshirts does a gal need???? Maybe he bought alot of pima cotton and is trying to unload it.