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It's too short and boxy for me. I look best in tops that comes in at the waist & then flairs out at the hips. I have an hour glass figure. I look dumpy in these kind of tops.

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Over $40 for a cotton tshirt, ridiculous. 

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Actually Darlings.... 3/4 sleeves elongate the body when you show the bottom half of the arms. That holds true with long sleeve blouses too. That tops length I think is unflattering, the length should be an inch or 2 longer. imo. That is not Kirsten's style but its her job to sell. Fashion Fail Issac darling.

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I don't wear 3/4 sleeves or v-necklines - just an observer .....


Not so "special" TSV.  


If you search QVC for v neck top 3/4 sleeve - there are 24 of them.  Isaac and 9 other brands.  Even one of those other brands is Pima.



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I like the style but the prints just don't cut it for me.

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I’ve seen it. I’m an older woman and would never wear today’s TSV. Looks like old lady top and prints are also aging. No style at all. 

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@Kabella    Nothing fall or fashion-like with another stinking tee shirt. So many of us already have TONS of ordinary tees in  our closets and drawers. If we're trying to move into fall fasions, let's have them then. This is nothing but another summertime plain ordinary nothing fancy or great about this, another tee.