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Try AMERICAN MADE Snapware!  Works better, less expensive, excellent customer service...and did I mention, made in America?


I purchased some Snapware a few years back at a  Corning store and love the versatility of the pieces.  Now I buy them online.  Had several pieces for almost five years now with no issues!

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

American made OXO products are better than L&L in my personal opinion. 

Customer service is beyond superlative.

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

I use Snapware glass containers in my home, and Sterilite plastic in our RV.

Both made in USA.


I still have my Lock & Lock pantry pieces that hold flour,sugar cereal, pasta - things like that,

but my bowls & other L&L that no longer look good, I donated to my husband

to use in his shop and won't be replacing them with anymore L&L.


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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

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Maybe it's time to repeat a post I made a while back about  a story in Cook's Illustrated magazine rating the leakproof properties, stain potential and air-tightness of various brands of storage ware.  Lock and Lock came out pretty good in the ratings...........


<<Six brands of plastic food storage containers are reviewed in the May/June issue of Cook's Illustrated.


"Highly recommended"--Rubbermaid Brilliance, made of Tritan                 (clear hard plastic)


"Recommended"-- Kinetic, Lock & Lock


"Recommended with reservations"--OXO Good Grips


"Not Recommended"--Snapware, Joseph Joseph

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

Kudos to QVC for allowing this topic to be discussed.

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

Yes, thanks QVC for allowing this topic.  In my case I have a little bit of everything and over the years most of my stash has disappeared... that says a lot for all of it.  Seems my friends and daughters are enjoying it.  LOL.  


I really don't need more but all that were mentioned are great choices.  


The QVC price point is very good for what we are being offered.  

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

I'm with you....I like to be able to buy American made products and I love Pyrex/Corning snapware storage containers, especially the glassware.

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

I bought a set of Snapware a number of years ago, and would never invest again. 


The lids were a constant fight and several pieces I could never get to lock down, to the point the tabs broke off. 


I'd love to support a USA made product, and the pieces I got years ago were really nice quality in thickness and nice seals, but the lids were a complete frustration. 

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

I have a lot of Lock n Lock, almost all of it purchased through QVC. I love the pieces that I have and have never had any issues with any of it. I recently bought Snapware at a Corelle store. The lids are Snapware and the glass containers are Pyrex. So far, I love the combination. I can mix up a casserole, split it between the two rectangular dishes, bake one and cover/freeze the second. I agree with some posters: the Snapware lids don't seem as easy to close as my Lock n Lock. As time goes on, we'll see how the two brands hold up. I, too, love to buy products made in the United States but I will not do so if they are inferior quality.

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Re: Instead of Lock n Lock...

I watched a short bit of the TSV presentation with Rick today.  And I'm afraid, when he was saying it doesn't break and doesn't stain, I was saying out loud "Liar!  Yes, it does."  Even my husband commented.


Just a couple of weeks ago I threw out 15 lids that all have tabs snapped off them (both round and square; all the original type).  They've been like that for forever, but we kept trying to use them anyway (big mess).  I finally decided to cut my losses and get rid of them.


I'll replace them with another brand.  Absolutely no more L&L for us.


Happy for everyone who's never had a problem with them, but there have been plenty of threads on these boards over the past few years that show it wasn't just we who got a couple of sets of defective products.