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@CinNC wrote:

I've been thinking about purchasing an Instant Pot or something similar to replace my slow cooker. I LOVE my slow cooker but the ceramic insert is getting very heavy and I hate cleanup. It's also 6 qt for 2 people. 

since I got my IP  haven't looked at my slow cooker at all 

and i used them a lot 



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Wondering about the sealing ring. Is that something that is only occasionally used (e.g., pressure cooking) or is it a second one included because they know we’ll need it soon?

some people like a 2nd b/c they make desserts and the ring can pick up savory smells if you make mainly things like that.  my original ring is fine I run it through the dishwasher all the time but I think if I was to make a cheesecake I would use the other, but that's not happening.



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Oh dear!  My brain went in a totally different direction!  Instant pot, hmmm.  Like instant coffee, but with a very different effect? 


when my daughter was staying briefly at my sisters she sent her IP there, and their reaction the same,  LOLZ

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Attemping to watch the presentations,but host and vendors keep interruping each other .Would like to see a complete presentation.

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@LucieLu THey would be similar, but the IP is so much easier to use than other models I've had, Wolfgang Puck and Elite. Their pot is stainless steel and you can get different seals for cooking savory or sweets or yogurts so there aren't lingering flavors or if you need to replace the seal. They are also an American company but not made here unless that has changed recently. Since I have two other pressure cookers, I do use more than one at a time, but they have non-stick pots. I've tried finding replacement pots for them, but can't, so when they go, I'm replacing with an IP that I can get parts for.
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Has anyone tried sanitizing dish sponges on the sterlizing setting?

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Re: Instant Pot

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I haven't tried sanitizing anything in the Instant Pot. For dish sponges, I'd either use the microwave or add it to my dishwasher. 



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@LucieLu wrote:
I live in Greeley Colorado so good to know it has a high-altitude setting

Just so you know, the TSV isn't the Ultra altho I believe QVC sells the Ultra.   Also - it isn't a high altitude setting,  but it lets you enter the number of feet you are above sea level and it automatically computes how that impacts pressure cooking.

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horrible history with pressure cookers.  As a child I remember an incident.  My father came home from work and asked if the dinner was ready.  My mother said yes,  He asked where it was and she said, LOOK UP.  Yep, it was on the ceiling. The pot exploded.  Some sort of stew was dripping down.  


Don't forget things like that.  Not buying it.  Don't care how safe they say it is.  NO way.  

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That sounds like it was a stove top, not an electric.