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This is the decision I am trying to make - I have a CE from about 5 years back.  I only started using it last year.  Is this really that much better or do I stick with what I have......decisions, decisions.

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There are many good brands of electric pressure cookers nowadays that are multifunctional.  Instant Pot is just the most well-known brand.  Many have stainless steel pots.  F a g or, Cosori, Mealthy, Cuisinart and others are some people might consider.  I've read they're all made in China, and I think that's true.  I have a Mealthy and love it.  It's feature-rich, came with a lot of accessories, has an LCD screen, and has a great price point.  It's often on sale for $89.95 on Amazon or $94.95 on their website.  The customer service is amazing. 

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@auntiepatti  I had a pressure cooker I really loved for years.  A friend of mine had been eying it  so I gave it to her thinking that I really don't use it that often and can do without it.


But then last year I started to miss it and wanted another one so I got an IP.  I really like it, but if you like what you have, you don't need it unless you sometime need two.

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I live in Colorado.  I bought the ULTRA  IP because you can enter your altitude and it automatically adjusts the pressure.  I have found issues with other pressure cookers.

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Wondering about the sealing ring. Is that something that is only occasionally used (e.g., pressure cooking) or is it a second one included because they know we’ll need it soon?

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@esmerelda  There is only one sealing ring and I use it for everything.


However, since they tend to take on odors I have ordered an extra set from Amazon to use for different foods.

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I bought a Technique brand PC, from the Q, prob 20 years ago and used it alot but had to learn its little quirks so that it would work properly. Fast forwarding----I bought the Instant Pot from AMZ during prime day and can't believe what an improvement it is and I LOVE all the things it can do. Made soymilk yogurt in it, that was the bomb as well as many other things that would be harder to do in the old one!! So I will donate the old and happily use the new. And the Instant Pot that will be the TSV is at a great price--wonder how long shipping will take?? Glad I got mine where I did--got it the next day!

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I don't own an IP, but have recently been interested in purchasing one.


The TSV is a great price and many excellent features, but I am going to wait for an 8 quart model.  I realize it would be more expensive, but I think I'd be happier with more room.

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I live in Greeley Colorado so good to know it has a high-altitude setting
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Oh dear!  My brain went in a totally different direction!  Instant pot, hmmm.  Like instant coffee, but with a very different effect?