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Imperial Gold missed it

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I missed this line. I remember Linda with Jeff Hewsom I believe many many years ago. She looks the same, Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Kathy Levine? I do.

The jewelry is timeless and beautiful.

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Imperial gold is the best line ever.

I have a ring from one of the first times
they were on ever and I wear it every day.
It's held up through the years and it's the
most comfortable ring I've ever owned.
It's exquisite and the best quality you an buy..

It's so good to see it back..

That's how we roll in the shire..
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I have 3 bracelets, 2 rings and 2 earrings from way back when!   I am so glad I bought them when I did.  This is the best line of jewelry QVC ever had.  I love every single piece and like the other poster said, it holds up very well.

Yes...remember Jeff Hewson also!

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I love it too.  Hope they bring back the thinner "V" necklace.  I could kick myself for not buying one years ago.  

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I love it as well...only wish they did it in rose gorgeous would that be? Still have a bracelet from that line, circa 1990 something 

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