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IT cosmetics TSV 3/29

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Today's Special Value® - Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A-470349 IT Cosmetics Celebration Body Foundation Duo w/Brush

A-516764 Auto Delivery

QVC Price: $70.00 TSV Price: $58.00

Choice of 8 Foundation Shades

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I'll never use that....they must be running out of TSV ideas

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It looks like a direct competitor to that Westmore Body Coverage that Jane Treacy raves about.  Not a faux tanner, but a body foundation.


It says put on three coats for full coverage.  Yikes.

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Body foundation?  Are you kidding me?  No thanks.

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I can't even imagine using a body foundation.  Does it rub off on clothes?  I assume it comes off in the shower?  No way can I be bothered doing that.

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Whaaat !? That is ridiculous. Who's going to use this and why?

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I'm looking forward to this. This is a great alternative for those like me who have never owned a pair of pantyhose but want their legs to look nice and even-toned. I hope it's sweatproof and water-resistant.

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@findjanedoe Agree! I wear a lot of warm weather clothing, arms and legs showing, and would love an even tone before getting my summer tan. But, I use the IT CC cream on my face and it rubs off if not careful. I can't imagine how this wouldn't wear off on to your sofa or car seat, or even clothing. I would try it but I will wait for reviews. 

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This is a no for me.

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I have a body foundation from another line. It doesn’t rub off. I’ve worn it with a white dress before.