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I was thinking of trying this but I will pass for now and just use the PTR Firmx


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@PINKdogWOOD   The product has been available on IT website for the past 10days or so, and they were running a special promo on it.  I received several emails promoting the product, but I am currently on a road trip, so I did not order.  Might explain some of the many reviews, but don't know about 800+ of them? 

i am interested in such a product ( haven't tried any), so will be interested to see reviews by Q's customers before making a purchase. 

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My undereye area is very wrinkled after 70+ years of laughing. I'm always skeptical of undereye products, the concealers always fall into my lines eventually. I used to be a big fan of IT but not so much any longer. Their Bye Bye Under Eye settles into my laugh lines. This product concerns me because they say you need an oil based cleanser to remove. I don't want to have to buy a special cleanser for one product and I surely don't want to add any new products to work that area. I'll just have to stay wrinkley.

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I am curious about this item but why would I buy 2 of a product that is new and untried?  QVC often sells duos of new products because it is more profitable but I don't like this sales tactic.


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@Pezzie   I just watched Jane Brown with the It vendor )who was a host here a few yrs ago actually) talk about this item and demonstrate how to apply it, how to use it. 


It seems to be a lot like another product sold here (derma-something) whereby you apply with a finger tip, pat on, and needing to wait 10-15-20 minutes before you can apply makeup. Waiting like this for something to "work" doesn't work for me.


Oh but wait, they also say we can apply this one on top of our makeup!!!!!  WHAT??!! 


I won't be using this product. Sidebar - JB also said this buy is like a 2for1 pricepoint. Really???



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Re: IT TSV - May 23, 2023

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@Franell    Especially when the host(s) tell you buy this now, it's like getting 2 for 1. So one tube is really almost $40.00????  I don't think so.


Holy Moly - they DO sell this one tube for $40.00 on their website!!!!!!!

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@haddon9 wrote:

I have tried similar products and all of them have left a dry tight feeling which I don't like.  Plus some tend to leave a flaky white residue.  I'm wondering if this product does as well.


@haddon9 Yeah, I tried the PTR Firmx and didn't like that tight feeling. Plus, it left that white residue which "broke" and became more prominent with expression.  No thanks.

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This has also been available at Ulta and that may explain the reviews.  Reminds me of InstaTox from Serious Skin Care although that forumulation leaves a residue if you use too much.  I ordered it because I wanted to try it after seeing it at Ulta (was waiting for a QVC deal ! ! )   

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@PINKdogWOOD   That Vendor is Katie McGee who is lovely but the bags under her eyes don't seem to look any better.   

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Sitting still and expressionless for 15 minutes?  Nope