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Re: IT Cosmetics TSV for 1/12/19

@Sestra44 ~

Hey - Snail Stuff.  IT uses Snail Secretions in their liquid foundations.  I am allergic to all shellfish, oysters, clams, etc...


So Dr. said NO to thier foundations.  This newer one does not have it, so I purchased.  Got it yesterday.  Really like it.  Smiley Happy

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Re: IT Cosmetics TSV for 1/12/19

@Mamapooh  Here is the info on the HSN bareMinerals Today's Special just in case you haven't seen it:


Bare Minerals.JPG

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Re: IT Cosmetics TSV for 1/12/19

I am tired of IT. The foundations are too dark and yellow (even the new ones, which are more weird) and they are too sticky. Also, their are too many ingredients in their products.


I actually switched back to bare minerals comlexion rescue and their other products, as well as some products from Laura Geller.  


IT colors in blush and lip color are too bright and don't blend nicely on my skin. Just tired of the brand in general and the Q's endless shows with the shrill hosts is just not enjoyable for me to watch. 

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Re: IT Cosmetics TSV for 1/12/19

Omg! Thank you so much, @LoveMeSomeQVC!! I have been searching for it eveyday...Lol. It is a boring TSV so I am going to pass on it. I thought they'd have something special or new to kick off their show with a big bang, but I see that is not the case. Hopefully they will have some good values in the show.

I have noticed Evine has a lot if good shows, SSC is on and RTW (Ready to Wear) from HSN is on too. I have been eyeing the RTW Serum foundation butI am waiting until it is on a special or in a kit and I iwll purchase. I wateched a video of the presentation and it looks so good! also it is made in Italy.

Thank you again, for sharing!