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Did anyone else notice that the pants seem to bunch up at the knees on the models and hosts?

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Those pants may be for everyday wear, I assume, yes?

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Yeah..........because they are too tight.

Everything looks under stress when pulled to its limit.   Me not into sausage casings.

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I own a lot of those pants.  I am a chub.  I wear those pants most of the time.


I've never had any problem with them bunching up at the knees....but then I don't wear mine skin tight either.

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I have purchased several IM 24/7 pants but the one issue I have is the bunched up elastic waist in the back.  A smooth elastic waist all the way around would give the pants a higher end look.  Just saying.

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They really need to put pants on the model Angela that fit, they are all so tight and embarrassing to watch. AND no white pants ever unless they fit!

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@bonkers1 wrote:

Did anyone else notice that the pants seem to bunch up at the knees on the models and hosts?

Only the ones not wearing the proper size.

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QVC has a problem with giving hosts and models the right size clothing and that goes for all sizes 


not sure why this is

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The knees aren't the only place these pants bag oout at. Every time I see these pants on models they crease or bag in the crotch area too. I think it's not only these pants but other designer pants too. I thiknk it's all about the fabric used.


I have tried these 24/7 pants - a couple of times. They never fit properly for me and yes I did buy the correct size for me. THey are or were too uncomfortable on me, never fit properly - too tight in one area, bagged out in others. They're also too short. I love a great ankle pant but ankle pants that are too short means you are not getting multi-seasonal usage out of them.


I've never got what it is about these pants. And they are way too pricey for what they are. He makes these in tons of colors but they're too expensive to even want to buy multiple pairs.


Leave them in the store.

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I  like his ankle pants.  I have a 31" inseam so I buy tall. I can't believe that they didn't put some of the taller models in a tall pant. Then you could see that they would be full length on many people. I did not like the color choices so I didn't order any. Also the matching tees cost too much.