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I bought all of them in light blonde!!  I'm sure that I won't keep all of them, but at least I'll have the chance to decide at home.  I have about 6 of Toni's wigs, and they look great!!  They're very comfortable, breathable, and look so good!!!  It's so nice to see Toni back in the studio!!!

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@Flady1   Good for you.   I want to try one.   I haven't been  able to get used to any I have tried so far.


I love Toni,  she knows how to wear and style a wig

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I own several of Toni's wigs, but none of these styles appeal to me. 

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The hair she uses for her wigs look like DOLL HAIR.

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I think her wigs look fine for the price. If you don't like them, don't buy one. Not sure why people have to be so critical of a product that many ladies need for various reasons. Not everyone can afford to make frequent visits to a salon anymore. 

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@layla2450 wrote:

The hair she uses for her wigs look like DOLL HAIR.

Not to be mean.....but I agree. It's shiny synthetic hair. I've purchased two of her wigs previously, and no matter how I tried to style them, or what I used to take the shine away, they still looked like doll hair. I'm happy the OP is enjoying them. 

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I like the two longer styles, but, the problem for me are the colors. I would like to see a salt and pepper along with the all silver. Also, the color they are calling light brown is so dark!  This is an easy pass for me.

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I tried wearing a wig when they were so.popular in the '80s.  It was hot, itchy and nearly drive me crazy.  Never again.

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One host needs to wear a wig on air all of the time. She looked presentable for the first time in years and the viewers were able to see her face! A wig was very helpful and attractive.

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When l lost my hair last year due to chemotherapy l purchased 4 of Toni's wigs. They are very well made, the inside net is ventilated & l never get hot. I've had more compliments on my "hair" than l ever had with my real hair. I could afford Toni's wigs and it made all the difference in my self confidence when l had to go out. I thank Toni so much for creating these beautiful wigs for those that need and want them.