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...I feel like I'm cheating on my closet full of LUG Bags! Am I really this unorganized? LOL!

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I think Lug is sturdier.  I'll stick with those.

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I feel that Lugs look more like a diaper bag, especially with the clear plastic bottom.  I do own one Lug weekender bag. 

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These Kipling bags look a little too rugged for me.  

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We have a Kipling store in our outlets.  Great prices there.  I prefer Sport LeSac because you can wash them in your washer and I've gotten some great deals at their outlet for 65% off.

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Today's TSV is the first I'd ever heard of Kipling.  From what I've seen so far, they are a bit to rugged looking for my tastes.  I have two Lug bags, and that's all I need in a fabric handbag.  I do enjoy the two Lug bags I have.

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@pommom  I agree..  I feel the same.  

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"Do you like Kipling?" 


"I don't know, I've never tried it!"  Woman LOL

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The overall appearance of the TSV reminds me of the Lug Streetcar. Except the Lug is a whole lot less attractive...IMO.

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Lugs look much, much better!