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That's why they have a beauty channel.

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@chickenbutt so true. The beauty shows are about all I watch. I don't buy jewelry, anything that has to do with the kitchen, home decor, computers, beds, gardening, clothes except for some shoes, etc. You get the point. Watch what you like and watch something else if you aren't interested in what's being sold or don't like who is selling it. There are so many other things to watch or do that don't involve QVC. I don't know why this is such a problem for some people.
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Every single thing they offer (competing brands) is "the best!".


Therein lies the reason I don't believe a thing they say about their beauty products.



What do you want them to say?  Our product is just so-so but buy it anyway.

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I stick with what works for me and don't try everything that comes down the pike.  I've been using the same shampoo for 20 years because I like the smell - I hope they never quit making it.  There may be a product out there that does something with my wrinkles and saggy skin, but I'm not about to spend hundreds of dollars to find it!  By the way, I swear by Skinn cosmetics and have been using Skinn for 10 years now.  My skin has never looked better!

I've been using Skinn for nearly 5 years and seriously every time I try something new and it doesn't work, I go right back to Skinn. I have finally narrowed down the things I must have at all times and the ones I can live without. I do believe that having good genes helps. Everyone in my family had great skin and all they used was Ivory soap, Noxema, Vaseline and Ponds. So go figure ...


Expensive lesson learned for me. I don't even watch any of the beauty shows anymore.

It's all in the genes.......really.@nycgrl

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Oh wow.  I love QVC showing the latest cosmetic products.  Of course, I love a bargain as much as the next person, but some of those drugstore products just don't work for me.  I have also realized that it's not good to stock up on my favorite products because there are improvements made to them all the time and I want to be able to get the latest and greatest.  Are women seriously bothered by what the vendor looks like?  Not me.  If the product works, it works.  I actually appreciate anyone who has had "work done" so I can see just how much more fabulous I can look if I choose to go that extra mile.  Yay.  It's all good!  

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I can not believe what women spend on wrinkle cream alone. I mean if they really worked it would put the plastic surgeons out of business. No sign of that yet. Woman LOL

Even if someone has had work done they still need good skin care products.  Also, I buy and use really good skin care products so my skin will look the best it can.  I don't expect the same results (nor do I want them) as what one would get from plastic surgeries but I get great results from the products I use and the compliments I get on my great skin (not how young I look because that does not matter to me) are numerous and have come out of the blue like the time my boyfriend's daughter was just sitting there next to me and suddenly said "your skin is amazing!".  Then another time a friend I hadn't seen  for about 20 years hugged me and stopped and looked at my face and said "wow I want to know what you are using to have such smooth skin!".   So yes many do really work to enhance the skin!  

Enhance the skin??? really? What happens when you wash it off. I think they work like sugar pills. You sound like you have a very good attitude which goes a  long way. And you probably have nice skin to begin with. But, if it makes you feel better and more confident go for it. Have a nice day!Woman Wink

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In the genes.  I honestly believe that.  I am one of the lucky ones so far.  And as for plastic surgery... IF I CAN TELL.. AND IT THE HOST OR VENDOR LOOKS  puffed up and smooth I personally don't think it is attractive.  And if they are selling face cream I get turned off because that there cream is not the secret... it is snake oil... IMHO.  But these items sell and continue to sell because they are selling a dream and I guess everyone needs to have hope once in a while. 

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Going to add something.  Lighting.. camera angles.. smiles... facial expressions.... All makes a difference in before and afters.  I know because I have had a camera in my hand since I was 7 and when computers and software came upon the scene you can only imagine what I can do with it to make others look WONDERFUL.