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My favorite shows are the kitchen/cooking and cosmetic shows.  Even if I don't order, I enjoy watching.  QVC got me started on many skincare products.   I don't like the shows for mattresses, vacuums, some of the fashions, cameras, etc.  I did like the clothing shows, but I almost never order now because of the cost of returns.  Will not order shoes.

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I also don't watch or purchase from the Food Fest shows.

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Is this "fill in the blank"???


I'm so sick of tuning in to watch a fashion show and hearing "butt lifting" and "boob enhancing."  I don't see clothing as a camoflague or something to hide in.  I don't want my pants to lift my butt either. 

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Re: I am so sick of...

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I get a kick out of the commercials that show a model putting on cleansing cream and then delicately rinsing it off.  Yes, I use cleansing cream, but then get out my washcloth that has been line dried so it is rough and my good ole Dial soap and I scrub!  Gets all that dead skin off and people do not believe how old I am. 


Even when in the hospital, sick and no makeup, nurses could not believe my age. 


I also use Clinique eye and face cream.


Yes, I am sick of all the beauty shows.  They all can't be "the best"!

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@Allure  In the same light, where (literally) in the world do they find all of these brands?  It baffles me.  Just this morning scrolling through here and there, this and that mostly from the homepage, I see yet more brands. 


It also makes me chuckle when a host is doing a show on a new brand, most times says she's (the host) has been using the new product(s) for 'a while now' and talks about how much a diff they see and/or feel.  Makes me want to go hmmm...


Not to mention who pricey all of these products are.

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I don't care for all the costume jewelry they sell (silver, plated stuff, that creepy fairy stuff) or Temptations (That stuff is so aesthetically offensive to me).


So, how do I fix that?  I don't watch those programs.   It works great.  


It's not all about me.  It's about what sells to many, many people.  Recognizing that is the first step to understanding the way it works and making personal adjustments.  Smiley Happy

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Thanks for the tip..  I forgot about Clinique, I will try some because they have great products!!

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@Shogirl wrote:

I stick with what works for me and don't try everything that comes down the pike.  I've been using the same shampoo for 20 years because I like the smell - I hope they never quit making it.  There may be a product out there that does something with my wrinkles and saggy skin, but I'm not about to spend hundreds of dollars to find it!  By the way, I swear by Skinn cosmetics and have been using Skinn for 10 years now.  My skin has never looked better!

I've been using Skinn for nearly 5 years and seriously every time I try something new and it doesn't work, I go right back to Skinn. I have finally narrowed down the things I must have at all times and the ones I can live without. I do believe that having good genes helps. Everyone in my family had great skin and all they used was Ivory soap, Noxema, Vaseline and Ponds. So go figure ...


Expensive lesson learned for me. I don't even watch any of the beauty shows anymore.

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AERO BED PRESENTATIONS!!!!  Every time I switch the channel on QVC today they are talking about that D*** bed!   Just give it a rest rather than shove it down the customers throats.....😝😖😩😤😫😡

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HOSTS are so good as dissembling.  Jill is one of the BEST.  She gushes over every beauty product.  "OH, yes, I have used this every day since I was 15.  Oh, yes.  I use this every morning and every evening.  Oh, yes, I have used this and look at my results."  Etcetera, etcetera, nauseum.


To be fair, she is not the only one.  How do the hosts have ANY TIME to do anything except indulge in self-absorption?  Beauty treatments, callus removal, Wen nauseum.  Do they pay any attention to kids, husbands, parents...?