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Re: How would you like a toothbrush for a gift?

If I were a mail carrier

or teacher, I honestly would be insulted to receive this as a gift. Only a family member in my opinion. 


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Re: How would you like a toothbrush for a gift?

ROTFL!! I've been married for almost 35 years to a wonderful man whom I love dearly. Two years ago for Christmas he gave me a very nice electric toothbrush. That was fair, since I had gotten him one for his birthday (at his request, I might add.) Ho hum on the toothbrush. He then gently pushed another little pile of boxes over to me. Inside each of those beautifully wrapped boxes was a gorgeous piece of Pandora jewelry: charms and a bracelet. The smile on his face made up for the toothbrush gift. Yep, he's a keeper! Heart

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Re: How would you like a toothbrush for a gift?

We used to get a toothbrush in our stockings as kids. Never received one as an adult. 


My gift stories from the past...

When I was dating my DH he gave me a refurbished PC. He knew I didn't have a computer at home. It wasn't very romantic, but as a teacher it was very practical, and I used it daily. 


One Christmas he gave me a cell phone. This was when cell phones still had an antenna and were flip phones - smart phones did not exist. At the time I was teaching 30 miles from home, and he wanted me to have it in case of emergencies on the road. Again very practical, but not what I expected. In case you haven't figured it out my DH is an engineer (retired).


I admit I am not the easiest to buy for because I am very picky. Before we stopped gift giving he decided to make it easier on himself - he would take me shopping for jewelry or clothes. That way I selected what I wanted. 


The best gift gift he continues to give me is taking care of me in my illnesses. I have had a lot of medical issues, and he is always there for me.