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I don't own one.  I have a Wolfgang Puck one I like but rarely use.  My husband uses the As Seen on TV Bullet to make smoothies when he wants.  


If I were going to get an expensive blender, I would go for the BlendTec which can also grind grains without the need for a different container.  They used to include the extra container for grinding wheat or the AerDisc container with the Vitamix specials too.  

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Re: How About The Vitamix?

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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

Ha! The OP made me laugh. I don't own one. Maybe I'm the ONLY QVC shopper that has not bought one and they're just determined to get me! Haha! Always reminds me of the "I Love Lucy" episode where she was doing a commercial for Vita Mix.....



Ahhh, yes, one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes!  The famous Vitameatavegamin. 


The more she demoed, the drunker and funnier it got. 


Thanks for the laugh and that memory! Woman LOL


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@jackthebear wrote:

must be planning on sell 1,000s between ezpay and free shipping



I bet David was so disappointed that there were only 6 colors, down from the usual 36 or so. 


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Too freakin funny!! Thanks for the laugh! 🤣
You made my day. 😀
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Most of today's program was wasted on this. Three demos and still not done yet. 


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Absolutely love my Vitamix! I use it at least twice a day. Green smoothies, nut butters, soups, onion chopping, and nice cream mainly. Coffee grinder when I used to drink it and I have used it to make oat and chickpea flour when I needed it. This is a great price…. think mine was an about $150 more.
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Roughly 20 minutes to go and not one color sold out. Now I know I can sometimes be rough on David, but this had to be an all around terrible day day for him. 


In normal times when a color does sell out, he practically gallops across the set to remove the item. 


Sorry, David. Woman Frustrated