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Too bad what is see is NOT what you get! Ive returned these things twice before as they were dry and old. sat around the warehouse i guess.  so i am going to try them one more time. I returned grapefruit to them one time as well.......

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Re: Honeybelles

@so so.  If I were you, I'd give up and go to the grocery store.

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Re: Honeybelles

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@so so  Oh my - nothing worse than biting into a DRY orange!!!


And yes you can find these now in grocery stores. Why order and spend a lot more online?

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Re: Honeybelles

You are much braver than me.  I purchased Honeybells once and had a bad experience so I will not try again.  They overall were not my cup of tea.  Why waste your time and money if you've already returned 3 times to Cushman's?


The constant squishing the juice out of the orange is very irrating to me personally. Similar to the constantly squishing meat when they have a food TSV.  

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Re: Honeybelles

When these first came out a few years ago the juice was sweet and would run through my fingers. Now they are sour and dry. I've even had some come spoiled. 

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Re: Honeybelles

@Kachina624 wrote:

@so so.  If I were you, I'd give up and go to the grocery store.

I totally agree, the oranges have been great this year 🍊

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Re: Honeybelles

you dont have to RETURN them.

all you do is call customer service and let them know they are unsatisfactory.

they give you a full refund. 100% money back guarantee.


not getting these today, but have gotten them in the past and they are always juicy and delicous. i got ruby red grapefruits and navel oranges from pittman and davis.

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Re: Honeybelles

I have purchased the Honey Bells for two years in a row and love them. Mine were always juicy. Last year I ordered a double portion, coming one week apart. Since I am on auto delivery, I continued with the double orders for this year too.


I parted with a couple of the oranges last year for people I work with, and they were amazed how juicy they were, sweet, and better than what they had been getting in the store. 


Last year I did try the other Honey Bells, called something else because they came from the West Coast. They were good, but not as sweet as the Florida ones.


Mine are due to arrive any day now.

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Re: Honeybelles

I didn't know they accepted returns.  Usually you are advised to toss the product and you are given a refund.


I don't understand why you keep ordering if they are not good.  How many times are you going to do this before you give up?


Just buy them locally a few at a time.  If they are good, get some more,  If not, buy a different variety.

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Re: Honeybelles

Am I missing something?  Aren't these $24.99 at QVC?  I buy them at the grocery store for $3.99.  They are delicious.....can't believe the Q's could be that much better.