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Any thoughts on this? I'm not one to wear a "spring" coat, but the pink one sure is pretty!

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Re: HSN TS- Trenchcoat

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I think it's pretty. It's probably not something I would wear much, but it looks lovely and comes in many nice colors. 

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It is a nice looking coat. It looks nice on all the models.  The colors are very nice.  And it ships for free.  I do not need a coat but it is tempting.  I find myself watching HSN a lot.  I am also purchasing more from HSN.  Prices are good, presentations are enjoyable.Smiley Happy

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I also think it looks nice but doubt I’d get much wear out of it. If I was still working and commuting via public transportation I’d buy it. With the weather being so mild this year in my area, just not sure how many days I’ll need a spring coat. Have barely worn my heavier winter coats this year!
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I must be missing in the description, but is it lined?

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I love it....the classic lines with a kick of color!  Thanks @tiara1 

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I like it.  I wish it wax shorter, above the knee. I don't wear long coats.

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It's a beautiful, lightweight, flowy trench coat.


I already have one, in a deep rose color, that I've worn maybe twice in the past 10 years. 


We just don't get the transition weather here to get any good use out of trench coats.  We go from cold to very warm, with one day in between to be able to wear this. 

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I dont wear long coats like that either, especially when driving.