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Re: HSN TS State cutting board

I got them when HSN first had them for their TS and I love them,  I got a North Carolina one for my son and his wife and a New Jersey one for me.  I live in Pennsylvania but New Jersey has always been important in my life with my husband who passed 5 years ago.  The Jersey shore was our place. I hung mine up in my Sun Room.  

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Re: HSN TS State cutting board

If ANYTHING is sold on either QVC or HSN it is mass produced.  How else do you think they could sell thousands in a day when an item is a TSV or any other time for that matter. 


I have to laugh when Josie Maran shows the ladies cracking the argan nuts---like those ladies could crack enough nuts to make thousands upon thousands of argan  Sells a ton of argan though,

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Re: HSN TS State cutting board

For anyone buying, just know that there are some (maybe a LOT) of inaccuracies in these maps.  My state map has my whole area wrong, with towns in between other towns that, in fact, aren't. Just a heads up.