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does anyone have this vacuum?  I have a cordless Shark that I like for my hard surface floors.  It does OK on my carpets but could do better.  I have other dyson products and have been more than satisfied with them. Did some checking and this looks to be a good price.  Any advice?

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Wish I could help you, because I was just getting ready to watch the video.


In looking at the picture, not sure I would use any/all the attachments, but I'll have to just watch and see.


While I have a central vac in my house, I get tired of lugging the hose upstairs.  I would get another, but the suction leaves something to be desired.  And, the central unit has been replaced, so...


I'm thinking I'd be happier with something very simple to do quick jobs.  


Hoping someone jumps in that has experience with this brand.