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Buyers Beware:

I received this laptop & I brought it for the support and microsoft office

1. IntelliPoint Software that comes with the laptop not compatible with Windows 8

2. On hold for over an hour waiting to speak to tech support. Hung up. That includes the times I was disconnected by them

3. On line tech support keeping getting disconnected and then reconnected. Finally got an answer to question before I close out session to frustration. See 4 below.

4. Laplink PC Mover does not work-could not transfer data from old computer to new. Called Laplink & they wanted me to purchse a yearly support subscription and buy a cable from them which they said I needed to transfer data.

Per PC Support 9:53 PM Timothy G: ok, laplink does not get along with windows 8, we do not recommend using it

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I also bought that laptop. I Googled Laplink before trying it.... it was recommended not to use it. I have a Click Free that I have my old computer backed up on so that is how I will transfer files. I also have my computer backed up on a flash drive. If you don't have your old computer backed up on an external hard drive (Click Free) you could back it up on a flash driver and transfer files that way.

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Lightswitch .... sounds like this was not such a great value .. too many problems ... I would send a note to Christine from HP and also let QVC know what you are going through ... I was tempted to buy this lap top but now I am glad that I did not ... good luck.

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I would not buy an HP. Had a bad experience with their customer service about 5 years ago trying to order a laptop. I don't care for the AMD brand either. That's just me, QVC seems to sell a great deal of AMD computers.

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I bought this one too and I am not happy with the service or lack of.  I needed help and no one to talk  with.  Very upset with this so called service.  QVC said this was easy to get running.  Maybe for the experience but not for this old lady.