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It has a backlit keyboard according to the Questions & Answers section of the product info page.


I have been shopping HP's website (and other retailers) to find what I want but internal CD/DVD drives are almost non-existent. I  went to HP's website and tried to configure/build a version similar to the QVC model but with an external optical drive (internal not available) and HP's price was just slightly more. Considering that this model has a built-in CD/DVD drive I decided to order the QVC product. Who wants an extra piece of hardware to manage? Not me.


I've seen complaints about HP's silver keyboards -- people say that the keys are too hard to see because the letters and numbers are silver. I wanted a black keyboard with light letters and was pleased to see that the Jasmine Blue color has it.

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I tried to leave a question on the product page, but it just keeps spinning.


Nice.   Geez.


I want to know if it has Windows Media Player.   


The keyboard is backlit, they've said that a few times. 

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Thank you. I have not been near the tv today.

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I have bought several laptops and computers from QVC in the past !   Prices seem nice because of easy pay . That's what always got me . I have figured out that the computer is usually an older model and they give you all the add on stuff to make it look like a great deal ! The last one I got was a dell laptop with 6 month free subscription to the? Don't even remember what it was called and I never used it once . The computer was full of a lot of stuff that I would never use .  I had so many problems , wouldn't start , always said that I have a virus etc . My husband bought me a new MacBook from Best Buy , it was completely empty and I put just what I needed on it ! Love it and it always works !

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It has Windows Media Player 

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I've had this laptop for over one month now and I'm very pleased with it. I initially didn't think it had a backlit keyboard, but another reviewer clued me in to the secret.


It was a good choice for my needs and budget, and after extensive comparison shopping and research combined with daily use I remain satisfied with my purchase.

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can i ask if you hear a fan like noise when  your computer is on? as i liked the computer but it has a fan like noise coming from it all the time,  above the keyboard and it even got hot there. Thanks.

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@katscrap  My laptop is completely quiet, so no noise or heating issues.