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Re: HELP with Sheets TSV!!

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@snowgirl714. I just wrote you a long response but this stupid forum just made me sign in for the 4th time and erased my response. Bottom line look at the bulk of the reviews and if more like than not you should try

I would have loved to have read your original response in its entirety, thanks for taking the time.  But, it's funny how it's that one negative review that tends to stick with me  Anyway thank you and take care of yourself.

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Re: HELP with Sheets TSV!!

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I JUST ORDERED A SET AND IT SAYS ADVANCED ORDER??? Sorry caps.   Anyone know why?


Based on the time that you posted your question I think that the response that I received from QVC to my inquiry this afternoon applies to your order also.  After the QVC Social Team Member emailed the group handling the TSV stock she received in part the following message, "She said that it is defaulting to that code due to our systems preloading stock.  She assures me it is nothing to be concerned about, it will ship as normal."  @BalletBabe I hope this puts your mind at e

@Snowhite714    Thanks but Wayne contacted me and told me that.  When I looked yesterday they were in process.  

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Re: HELP with Sheets TSV!!

I was tempted, but decided to pass on them.